Ahmed Emad Eldin

Multi Award-Winning Digital Artist

Ahmed Emad Eldin

Multi Award-Winning Digital Artist

Award-winning digital artist of Pink Floyd’s “The Endless River” album cover art.

Listed as one of Adobe’s “25 Under 25” for the most creative visual artists under 25 worldwide.

Emad Eldin’s artworks have been featured in exhibits worldwide, including: Doges Palace (Genoa) – Dortmunder U (Dortmund) –
IFEMA Espacio 5.1 (Madrid) – Museum of Contemporary Art (Rome) – Sotheby’s Gallery (London) – The Victoria and Albert Museum (London) – Vogue Multicultural Museum (United States) – Bagatti Valsecchi Museum and Piazza Gae Aulenti (Milan) – Arsenal Contemporary Art (Canada)

Also premiered and featured in the 2015 Academy Awards, Cannes Festival (winner) and Emmys (nomination) including an Adobe Photoshop commercial.

Top 20 album art in 2019 (MONO: Nowhere Now Here) and 2021 (MONO: Pilgrimage of the Soul)

Emad Eldin is the official Wacom Arabic Ambassador in the Middle East.

An official Oniros Film Awards winner for Heavy Rain film poster. 

Featured on CNN, The Independent, The Guardian and more.

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